enjoying the break so far...

I love sitting around and doing nothing school related..haha. I received my scores back, I got a 4.0 in Linguistics, 4.0 in Math 202 (Elementary Math), 3.0 in Math 234(Calc 3) and 3.0 in ISP 203(Geology). Not really that happy with what I got..but it's fine. I was so surprised with Linguistics because I hardly finished the final but still received a 71%. He must of curved it so much. Also, I caluclated my grade and I had a 3.5...so I think he must of curved it our final grades. I'm so happy that he did that.

so this morning....

is the morning that we had to take the bus to class because Angela did not have to go to aerobics. so what do you know...the bus is fucking late. i called the CATA and they said the bus broke down. this is the second time it has happened to us. it seems like everytime i take the bus, something bad happens to me. it either broke down..or was early. either way, it sucks. so we were about 40 mins late to class and there was nobody in there! he told us monday that we had class..and he never emailed us to tell us that class was cancelled. i am pissed that we had to wait out in the cold for that long, but happy that we have no class. -karen

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so this weekend was fun. we had hot pot and it was very delicious. we had tons of food...and we didn't even finish all of it. we had some friends over, elaine and her friend...8 people total so it was fun. we played carmen's drinking games (don't worry, i hardly drank)..it was funny cause this game was blowing cards off of a glass..and i blew too hard, so all the cards flew off. sat. i watched my shows..and tutored this guy in calc at night. sun. i went to the global festival. this person wrote my chinese name in caligraphy. it looks awesome.

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had some mexican chip with dip and this chocoalte toffee trifle...very good. i tried on a kimono at the japanese stand and i got some free maps of Greece.

today, Shrotriyee came to look at our apartment. she's gonna be our roommate for next year! (Carmen is moving out). she liked the place..so thats good. we are still waiting for Knob Hill to give us an apartment to live in next year. we can't have the same apartment because we are not living here through the summer..so they want to lease it out to someone else.

i wanna say thanks to connie and chris for sending me the care package! it was very nice of u guys. -karen

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FUCK! i got a 63 on my geo test. i'm screwed. the mean score was a 63.2..so i guess i fall right in there.i have a 2.5 in the class now. i need a 87 on my next exam to get a 3.5 and i dont think thats gonna happen. AHHHHH.. on a better note, i got a 90 on my elem. math class. -karen

Update: Holy shit! i got a 96 in linguistics! now i just need my calc score.

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i'm so relieved that this week is over. it's funny how profs like to give out exams in the same week. i just had 2 exams yesterday and 2 today. i've been doing nothing but studying...and i don't think i did good on these 2 exams today. it has been so stressful! so i'm glad that its OVER. so now, i can be lazy again and doing nothing. haha.

i've been eating at panda express everyday for lunch and it is getting costly, but i guess its better than eating at the dorms. i used to make sandwiches...but i'm sick of them. so anyways, i turned in my forms for Belgium. so its official! can't wait to travel throughout Europe! I can make it to Connie's wedding too...so it works out. -karen


Tonight, we karaoked at Spartan Village Community Center. It was so much fun. Carmen and Angela were back-up dancers to Chris singing Ice Ice Baby. It was so hilarious. I recorded a video of it. Then Carmen and I sang "How Do I Live". Too bad we didn't win...atleast we got a petty gift.some pics of the nightCollapse )

I went to the Belgium (study abroad) meeting today and decided that I want to go there instead of the one that goes to Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Spain. The one with the four countries doesnt seem that great because the prof. and some students that went last year was talking about how they drank and smoked pot...stuff like that. I don't think i'm cool with that. They'd be smoking pot in the hostels and I don't want to smell like those shit. But yeah, I recieved the acceptance letter from the Belium one...so I'm gonna go through with it. -Karen